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My intention is to have this site serve as a portal into my career and a tiny window into my life. I have tried laying out the site in an intutive and visually appealing fashion hoping that you will also enjoy browsing my site as you get to know me better.

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NOTICE: I am in the process of updating the contents on the website and to help you navigate and save browsing time until my site is complete, I have created the tabluation below that clearly depicts the status of each webpage.

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Home Page

The Home Page

ONLINE, but only partially complete.

My Family & Me

A devle into my personal life

Not online

Hardware Projects

. . . . Plasma Probe


Instrument to detect electron & ion densities in the ionosphere. Designed by me for the Geophysical Institute.




. . . . Anti-Alias Filters

64 - Channel programmable Anti-Alias filters designed for the Alaska Space Grant Program, UAF.


. . . . OBD-II Controller

A controller for interfacing with any vehicle manufactured after 1996.

Not Online

Software Project

. . . . Web Design


All my web designing & standalone Adobe/Macromedia Flash projects.


Not Online


. . . . Database

Projects involving databases (Oracle & Access).

Not Online

. . . . Application Specific

  • The software I designed for controlling/interfacing with hardware using Visual C++..

  • Standalone application designed using Matlab.

Not Online


My resume available for download in PDF, XPS & DOC format.


Interesting Links

Links to external websites I find usefull.

Not Online


My contact information


My Photography Website

Link to my photography website





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